Types of the Embedded Mainboard


The embedded mainboard is basically the combination of software and hardware, including a GPU, DVD, CD, mouse RAM, and a central processing unit. All these things communicate with one another through a system called an embedded mainboard. This mainboard is also called a motherboard.

The arrangement of different parts of the embedded mainboards will make new types of embedded mainboards. Size, shape, and design will be enough to make a different type. This arrangement and the instructions that are given to that particular system make them different from other systems.

These parts arranged in a good way will make different types. This article will give you all the information on how these types formed.

Important Types of the Embedded Mainboard

Here we are going to explain the types of embedded mainboards.

1. Micro ATX

Micro ATX is a smaller embedded mainboard. This is a sub-category of ATX. Slightly lower in work performance and involve less power consumption than ATX. This is much useful for ATX type of embedded systems. The arrangement and size of the expansion slot, ISA slot, and other chipsets are different. Micro ATX has a measurement of 9.6 x 9.6.

2. Mini ITX 

Mini ITX is basically designed for fanless cooling. They have a measurement of 6.7x 6.7 inches. They depend on passive cooling through heat skin. This type of embedded system that has fanless cooling doesn’t use much power. It is a cheap embedded system depending on the cooling process. They usually use a power of 100 or less than 100 watts. These are designed to give a solid performance. Their functioning capacity is exceptionally good. Mini ITX is an ideal embedded mainboard for applications. Especially compact applications like computers in vehicles.

3. Pico ITX Embedded Mainboard

Pico ITX has a measure of 3.9×2.8. It is almost 75% smaller than mini ITX. Pico ITX is half the area of Nano ITX. This is the smallest embedded mainboard in the history of ITX. ITX is designed to bring a performance which is of 32-bits. They have the power to run Microsoft windows.

4. BTX Mainboard 

BTX mainboards are referred to as mainboard designs that were used in the early twentieth century. They are useful. But different from ordinary sockets, chipsets, etc. They are the mainboards that are sometimes incompatible with standard ATX tools and techniques.

5. Nano ITX

It is another famously embedded mainboard. Its measurement is 4.7x 4.7. Nano ITX is specifically used for smart entertainment like TVs, media centers, and in vehicles. This technology connect these devices with other devices for data transfer and other applications.


In this article, we told you about different types of embedded systems. Their design makes them unique. Industries are mostly in search of high-quality mainboards may be of any type, but they must be mainboards. Industries, hospitals, automobiles, agriculture, etc. People often want to buy such a product that will be beneficial even cost much. For such purpose, you can also visit the website https://www.geniatech.com/products/embedded-mainboards/ to get an embedded mainboard of good quality. You can also purchase good-quality embedded mainboards here.

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