What Is CNC Machining


Manufacturing involves variety of processes and services including; product prototyping, CNC machining services etc. Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine is a great technological advancement in the manufacturing industry. CNC machines functions under computerised programming throughout the manufacturing process. The CNC machine operates through the G-code programming language. This program ensures there is accurate measurements and control of the machine. It controls speed, location and the entire coordination of the CNC machine. All these functions are based on three major functions of CNC machining which include; drilling holes in mechanical tool, milling slots and cutting accurate sharp edges.

What are the major types of the CNC machines?

The CNC machines are available according to different axis; 2-axis, 2.5 –axis, 3-axis, 4-axis and 5-axis. The difference in the axis presents the capabilities of the machines. So the function, material and size of the material determine the machine axis. However there are various types available in the different axis;

CNC milling machine

These machines are able to drill into raw materials and create notches, pockets, shapes and grooves. Once the material is placed on the machine, the instructions are set on how to create the features intended.

CNC lathe machines

At the centre of a CNC lathe machines; there is a lathe that melds the intended shape of the material as programmed by machine. Basically the lathe machines are available at small axis compared to the milling machines. It has a great significance in the aerospace, firearms and automotive industries.

CNC plasma-cutting machine

Do you need your materials to have a 2D cut? CNC plasma cutting machine is the perfect choice. The machine functions under the influence of a highly powered torch which heats the material to over 50,000 degree Fahrenheit. They are mainly used for welding and automotive repairs.

CNC laser-cutting machines

CNC laser cutting machine basically operates like CNC plasma cutting machine. However, the much there is improved cutting accuracy with the laser cutting machine and its ability to make precise plastic cuts.

6-axis CNC Machines

These machines have an additional Z-axis which is of great significance. This extra axis provides for additional transitions and speed. However accuracy is uncompromised. It has a higher power than the 5- axis, hence able to shape stronger metals such as iron into the right shapes without additional equipment.

What are the advantages of CNC machining?

Improved safety

In the past there has been a lot of manufacturing related accidents. This was contributed by the manual operations of machines. With the advancement of the CNC machining, remarkable safety milestones have been achieved. The computerized programming instead has replaced the dangerous functions.

Operation ease

Through a click of a button, manufacturing has been made easier compared to the manual technology. This has consequently led to personnel productivity.

Increased production

With ease of operation and productive personnel as noted above, there, is an increased production. More units are covered within a short period of time.

Variety of products

CNC machining has seen development of sophisticated [products in the manufacturing market. This is because there is ease and ability to develop any shape and convert the materials into various desirable features.


CNC machining technology has had a great significance in the world today. Varieties of manufactured products are available due to the CNC machining developments.

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